Reiteration – mp3 download available

Last update:20 September, 2012 | Author: Andy | Category: News

Reiteration – our latest release – is now available in mp3 downloads section. It consists of remixes and two brand new songs. Working on it had been a lot of fun and we let ourselves to try different things and experiment.

For some songs it is certainly going to be a new life, as they became stronger, more aggresive, more dancy. Some songs surprised us, some turned out to be completely different than we had originally planned.

The style of this release leans more towards classic “Mexican” aggrotech. That is no surprise as we are fans of at least a couple of bands from this part of the world. We also revisited some old concepts and inspirations, so sometimes you can spot EBM elements here and there. Those are obviously vague and by no means we would call any of the songs “EBM”.

Even though the vocals used to create songs for “Reiteration” come from a relatively wide time span (2003 to 2010) the release is consistent and pushes our style forward a big time.

Reiteration is probably the most dancefloor-oriented Bodycall’s release to date. Creating danceable songs has always been high in our agenda, now we believe we managed to push it to a completely different level.

We hope you will enjoy Reiteration – at least as much a s we enjoyed creating it.