New website launched

Last update:19 September, 2012 | Author: Andy | Category: News

Welcome to our new website and farewell to the old one (on the picture). Nothing was particularily wrong with the old one, we just thought the layout was out of date – thus the decision has been made to do the full overhaul.

What you see now is not the final stage, it is rather first workable verision. Experience taught us, that this type of projects can drag forever and you can easily end up not having a website at all rather than having a perfect one. Thus, we went online as soon as it was possible.

We are going to expand this site from the barebone shape it is now in. Please feel free to comment on the new layout and functionality, knowing this site inside out we may miss some annoyances and trouble the user may encounter.

We realise that this site may look slightly different than usual websites of the bands form our scene. We have partialy sacrificed the “dark” look and feel in favor of legibility and usability.

old website, big screenshot

Above you can see the last screenshot of our old site – it was not that bad, was it?