Bodycall’s T-shirts – free creation kit

11 February, 2010 | Author: Andy

We are being asked if there are Bodycall's T-shirts available for sale. For now it would be too much hassle for us to handle the sale of the T-shirts, however from now on you can make one yourself using our free T-shirt production kit

The kit can be downloaded here (2Mb-less than one mp3 song). All you have to do is take the file to a shop/place that makes custom T-shirts in your area. You can also upload selected graphic (see image below) to an online T-shirt printing website of your choice and that is it.

Quickly – how to do it?

1. Download our T-shirt production kit by clicking here.
2. Copy the file to your pendrive/memory stick/CD-RW etc.
3. Give the file to the people at the custom T-shirt shop/place in your area.

That is it – enjoy your new Bodycall T-shirt.

If downloading graphics onto memory stick is too much of a problem, you can give your T-shirt people our web address and they can download the kit themselves, any t-shirt production place will do that for you with no problem.

The graphics the kit consists of cover all the popular file formats and suit all curently available T-shirt print techniques (Flock, Flex, Thermotransfer, Inkjet etc.), it also contains simple guideline how to position the graphics. You can also even make a T-shirt yourself, using special inkjet paper and an iron.

A lot of people give up buying a T-shirts or other bands' merchandise when they find out that the postage itself is more expensive than the stuff they want to buy. With our kit this is not the case, you can make another T-shirt for a friend instead of paying for the postage.

The image below shows the designs available in the kit, depending on the technique you decide to use. Your t-shirt people will be familiar with all these techniques and will help you to choose one.

dark electro aggrotech band Bodycall t-shirts