Bodycall’s FLAC Downloads

6 March, 2009 | Author: Andy

Below you can download Bodycall’s  music in FLAC format. As opposed to mp3, FLAC sounds exactly as CD, there is no loss or difference in the quality.

Please be aware that while FLAC offers the ultimate quality, the files are also very heavy, an average song can be around 40 megabytes in size.

FLAC format can be played in recent versions of Winamp and Foobar without installing any extra plugins – just like the mp3.

Bodycall-Reiteration CD cover

Bodycall – Reiteration (2010) – FLAC

Reiteration is Bodycall’s latest release to date. The style is Dark Electro and Aggrotech.

Download in FLAC format (180 Mb)

Bodycall – States of Exception (2009) – FLAC

The musical style can be described as Dark Electro, Aggrotech, and modern variety of EBM-inspired music.

Download in FLAC format  (186 Mb)

Bodycall – Mechanically Recovered Meat (2009) – FLAC

This mini-album was released on 30/1/2009. It is a stillistic bridge between our old material and the latest album, “States of Exception”. The style varies from dark electro to aggrotech and harder variation of synthpop.

Download in FLAC format  (171 Mb)

Bodycall – Somatic Turn (2003) – FLAC

Bodycall’s first material released back in 2003. The style is oldschool EBM and synthpop with a bit of dark electro flavour.

Download in FLAC format (304 Mb)