Physical releases available

Last update:17 September, 2012 | Author: Andy | Category: News

Finally our rleases can be purchased from Halotan Records shop. For now you can purchase “Reiteration” and “States of Exception”. The prices are extremely reasonable (3.50 euro), so check it out.

Of course we continue to keep all our releases free for download in both FLAC and mp3 formats. We just do not believe that mp3 downloads are evil, they actually do us a lot of good. So you have a choice, if you really like our music, now you can have it in physical form. If you just want to give it a go, please download, both make us happy.

Halotan Records is a small independent label we are personally involved with. They release on professional CD-R media. The quality of releases is excellent and obviously the price is very good.

It does make sense to keep an eye on them. The label operates using a unique formula that let it release a lot of music without constraints that are normally present in this business.

Halotan Record is not a net-label, but neither it is a traditional label. They are a hybrid solution that aims at adjusting to the current market conditions.

Halotan Records are signing new bands regardless of their fan base and selling potential, what makes them rather unique in current environment.