Changes in Bodycall

Last update:17 September, 2012 | Author: Andy | Category: News

For those few who care to know this… there are going to be some changes in Bodycall soon, as it seems BC is going to be a solo act from now on, or (less likely) a new vocalist is going to be recruited.

It would be very difficult to find somebody to replace Voy on vocals, as we have been close friends and making music together since we were teens. This is the only way to release some new music and it would be pity to give it up or start a new project after all those years.

Around August I (Andie) will release some new Bodycall’s songs, with (most likely) myself on vocals and we’ll see if it does or does not make sense.

The optimistic part of this is that Bodycall is still alive and kicking.

For the last year or so, I have been heavily involved in Halotan Records. This was one of the reasons to put off the descision about the future of Bodycall. I simply had no time to think about it. Halotan Records turned out to be an extremely rewarding activity with 14 or so releases in the first year.