Bodycall on Twitter

Last update:19 September, 2012 | Author: Andy | Category: News

Yes, we did it. We followed the hype and created our own twitter thingy. We have no doubt it is completely useless time-eater. But the world is changing and we have to change along. If you have nothing better to do, are bored and if nobodly likes you and even Santa hates you as well, you can follow us on twitter and get some consolation.

Here it is if you are brave enough:

We have little doubt that this whole twitter thing is anything more than another version of spamspace where everybody is spamming everybody. Do you remember Ginger – the magical vechicle that was supposed to change the way the cities are built etc? Some PR genius was responsible for this, people were dying to see that thing.

Twitter appears to be exactly the same thing – well PR-ed nothing. Interactive sms at most. 

This is obviously just a first impression, we may change our mind over time. We have just noticed that we have a first "follower". No doubt they want to sell something to us. Maybe an insurance? Ok, we'll keep you updated – on Twitter 🙂

Update: actually this somebody is a small recording label, from completely different scene of course but still better than some insurance scammers. Could be worse, it could be some vacuum cleaner manufacturer.

Ok, go for it, the gate of hell is open – you have no choice but to follow.

Update 2010/4/20
So far Twitter turns out to be a disappointment. There is relatively small (mostly American) dark community there. Noise level is similiar to Myspace, little chance to get some usable exposure.

We follow some people who sell stuff related to dark scene – this way we do not intimidate individual fans, but it does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Unfortunately Twitter is no different that other social media, you have to cold-add (cold-follow) individual people from your scene to get some attention, and this is not an option for us.

The size of the Twitter community is PR-inflatted. Top bands from our scene (e.g. VNV Nation) have couple of hundered of followers at most. We are going to give it a go for a while but it seems to benefit only those who employ ethically questionable methods, have established presence anyway or simply have a lot of money.