Traumatize – harsh electro

Last update:16 September, 2012 | Author: Andy | Category: Recommended Bands

Meet Traumatize, but beware – the world may not be the same place after that. Ok, it probably won’t be that extreme, but this way or another it makes perfect sense to give their music a go, especially if you follow more noisy branch of dark electronic scene.

The style of the band can be placed somewhere in dark / harsh electro bracket. Their music can be divided into two paralel streams. They create hard hitting and quite fast dancefloor-oriented songs as well as slower, more “pshycho” sounding ones.

While aggressive, Traumatize’s music carries a lot of melody and quite plesat ones also – they are just served in the usual noisy-rough sauce so tipical to the harsh electro music.

Above: CD cover of Traumatize’s latest release, “Patient 6032”

Traumatize was conceived in 2011 so it is quite fresh project, but despite of this they managed to release two albums, appear on a number of compilations and gather quite significant following in the dark independent scene.

The band (or rather duo) consists of:
Traum – music, vocals, lyrics, production
Lasher – keyboard, music, lyrics

Traumatize is currently signed to Mutant E-Records.
Please go to their Facebook page and get connected. All their music can be downloaded from their website.