Gorthaur – electronic goth rock

Last update:29 September, 2012 | Author: Andy | Category: Recommended Bands

Gorthaur are Polish gothrockers who lean towards more electronic sounds. The band has been active for over ten years now and their current style is refined and based on a lot of experience.

In newer songs guitars are practically non-existent. The only classic live instrument is bass guitar. What keeps surprising me is that despite of heavy use of electronic Gorthaur keeps sounding like a live rock band.

Gorthaur is really a very good band and you can tell this quickly by yourself by listening to the songs below. They were picked based on personal preferences. If you want more – and chances are you will – follow these link to listen to Gorthaurs two albums:

New Better Existence

Those albums can also be downloaded for free or purchased as physicals CDs under the above links.

If you like Gorthaur’s music please go to their facebook page and like it!