Bodycall band – Rapidshare downoads

Last update:19 September, 2012 | Author: Andy | Category: News

Here you can download our music from Rapidshare. As our website enjoys quite a good traffic, we decided to use Rapidshare to ease a bit the load on our server. If you do not mind using this way of download, have a pro account and do not have to wait, please use this section.

Bodycall’s music is dark electro, aggrotech, industrial, cyber-goth etc.

You are welcome to post direct links to the Rapidshare files listed here. This way you help to spread the word about Bodycall.

Reiteration (2010) – mp3 download.

This is latest Bodycall’s release to date (released May 2010)

States of Exception (2009)- mp3 download

Mechanically Recovered Meat (2009) – mp3 download

States of Exception (2009) FLAC download

Somatic Turn (2003) – mp3 download

Our “Old School” release. The style is mixture of  EBM and Synthpop.