Castle Party – Poland, Bolkow 2013

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Accommodation in Bolkow

There are hotels in Bolkow but they are usually expensive and fully booked well in advance. Sad news (2012) – the only bigger hotel in Bolkow, Hotel Bolkow is said to have gone out of business.  Beware of the hotels from outside of Bolkow (like in Zielona Gora) advertising themselves on the festival’s forum – they are too far away to go back to them every day, pure loss of time and money. Other options are camping and private accommodation.


Camping in Bolkow is cheap and always available, there is plenty of space and it has… a swimming pool. Do not forget that in Poland guys have to wear a costume similiar to Borat’s for swimming and women are required by law to swim naked – just joking :). The campsite is located 10 minutes walk from the bus stop. There is only one bus stop in Bolkow so you won’t get lost.

Private accommodation

It may be difficult to get because of the language barrier, however it is worth trying the festival’s forum, there are some advertisements in English and German, you can also place your own ad in the accommodation sought section. The usual price per person is about 10-15 euro a night, depending on standard.

Even if you go to Bolkow without having the accommodation booked, certainly you will be able to find some there, ask in shops, restaurants etc, the locals will help you out – they are likely to speak more German than English, but they are used to foreign visitors and you will be able to communicate this way or another. Sometimes you can meet locals at the bus stop who offer accommodation for the festival time.

We know a lot of people who never bother do book their accommodation and they always find some. There is no risk going even if you do not sort the accommodation out in advance, you will find some for sure.

There is also an English section in the forum, you can use it. If you need more information please refer to the festival’s official website.

Assorted tips and advice

It is handy to have your euros exchanged to zlotys (pronounced “zwootee”, Polish currency, no Euro in Poland yet) before you come to Bolkow. Bolkow is small and there are only two ATMs (but they will work with european cards) in the town, they are likely to dry out during the festival. Card payments can be difficult to make.

Festival Passes

The passes (wirst straps) – you can buy them at the Festival, it has never happened for them to run out (once they ran out of one-day passes to be precise), the castle is big. The cost is around 50 euro for all three days of festival, this includes concerts and other events like afterparties. You can also buy online and claim your pass at the gate (ID will be required). There is an option to buy a pass for one day only.


Normally Polish Summer is very warm and there is not a lot of rain. But when it happens to rain during Castle Party, it gets really miserable. Make sure to take enough spare clothes should the weather get bad – especially if you are camping.

If you have a question

Well, we hope this guide gave you a good insight into Castle Party, however if you have further questions, feel free to contact us through the Contact section of this website, we will be more than happy to share our experiences with you and help you as much as we can.

Below you can find links to various Castle Party photo galleries. They were picked rather randomly.