Castle Party – Poland, Bolkow 2013

Last update:23 September, 2012 | Author: Andy | Category: Blog

Castle Party Life

Apart from the stages, inside of the castle itself there are numerous places when you can buy hot food, beer, soft drinks, there is plenty of stalls where you can buy music, t-shirts, clothes, bands’ merchandise, get yourself photographed in a coffin and so on. There is always something to do there.

Another important fact about Castle Party is, that if you earn anywhere in Western Europe, you will find the place very cheap. The pass for all three days of the festival costs around 50 euro, this includes all the after parties and other associated events.

When the concerts are over, the activities move to the clubs, where invited DJs provide entertainment (wide variety of Dark Independent music) until the last partygoers stand on their feet. There is no official closing hour for pubs and night clubs in Poland, the party goes on as long as the customers are in.

In 2011 there were three official venues. Unfortunately the Old Cinema is no longer one of them.

The Castle Party club nights’ venues are (probably subject to change in 2012):
Hacjenda Club – bit of a country disco, and this is exactly what it is outside the festival’s time. Probably the best one at the moment.

Sorrento Club – another country disco style place, and you can encounter more traditional goth souds there. If you are more into batcave than batrave – this is your place.

Evangelical Church – opened during Castle Party 2012 in former church building. There is plenty of space and basic bar. Sound quality was quite poor and the sound system broke down on a number of occasions causing the Sunday afterparties to be cancelled.

Apart from the official venues, where passes (wrist straps) are required, there is number of other places, pubs, small restaurants and outdoor beer gardens where alcohol and food is served.

There is also no problem buying your drink in the off license shops, and having it anywhere you want – during the festival the police turns the blind eye to that as long you behave in a civilised manner.

From Germany it may be as handy to go by a car, Bolkow is located close to the now non-existing (thanks to the Poland’s membership in Shengen area) Polish/German border.

From Wroclaw Airport you can take a cab to the Coach Station, it should cost no more than 20-30 zlotys (polish currency) – equivalent of 5-8 euro. From the Coach Station there is regular service to Bolkow every hour or so what will put you back by 3-4 euro. The bus journey from Wroclaw to Bolkow lasts for about 90 minutes. You will see people dressed in black in the Coach Station so following them will get you to your bus easily. Young Polish people do speak English (as opposed to the older folks) so if you are lost ask your fellow Goths for help.