My War (2010 Mix) – new song in our player

Last update:20 September, 2012 | Author: Andy | Category: News

We have just published a new song – "My War (2010 Mix)". You can listen to it in the player on the right hand side and download it by clicking the direct link below or from our mp3 download section.

Download "My War (2010 Mix)" (MP3)

A couple of words about this song, as in fact it is a hybrid of old and new Bodycall. The vocals were recorded back in 2003 or so. The music was written from scratch recently (January 2010), as a kind of experiment and sound check when we started producing our new songs.

  Originally, the song itself was meant to be a synthpopish something with aggressive screaming vocals. After some attempts at mixing it, the song got abandoned and we have not returned to it until now. "My War" emerged by coincidence when we stumbled upon the vocals and an idea arised, to bring the song finally to life.  

So there it is, it certainly shows direction Bodycall is heading to. Enjoy "My War" for now and come back soon as we are going to publish more stuff soon.