Somatic Turn (2003) – mp3 download

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Our first original material released back in 2003. The style can be described as dark electro, ebm and synthpop in equal proportions.

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Single Song download

01 We are the Crowd
5.02 MB Download this mp3
02 Hate Me
4.84 MB Download this mp3
03 On and On
5.23 MB Download this mp3
04 You and Me
5.57MB Download this mp3
05 Bodycall Again
4.71MB Download this mp3
06 Minor Immortality
4.72MB Download this mp3
07 Fools’ Paradise
4.20 MB Download this mp3
08 Beyond Control
5.17 MB Download this mp3
09 Dancing in the Dark
5.40MB Download this mp3
10 Disciples of Hedone
5.91MB Download this mp3
11 You and Me (Club Version)
5.53 MB Download this mp3

Bodycall-Somatic Turn cover


  1. We are the Crowd (3:40)
  2. Hate Me (3:25)
  3. On and On (3:49)
  4. You and Me (4:04)
  5. Bodycall Again (3:26)
  6. Minor Immortality (3:27)
  7. Fools’ Paradise (3:04)
  8. Dancing in the Dark (3:46)
  9. Beyond Control (3:56)
  10. Disciples of Hedone (4:19)
  11. You and Me (Club Version)(4:02)

About This Release

“Somatic Turn” was released in the year 2003. We were very different band back then, our music had more to do with EBM or synthpop than with dark electro. Some of the songs have a little of darkwave taste as well.

“Somatic Turn” was our big experiment and playground where we were trying to figure out what kind of music we want do play.

Over the years we managed to release remixes of nearly all the songs from “Somatic Turn” and the new versions seem to be doing quite well today.

We would recommend this release mainly to people who fancy the “old school” of dark electronic music. It should suit well everybody who follows the old EBM or synthpop. It is still a good piece of music, and we are still happy with the way it sounds.

We wish you enjoyable listening,