Mechanically Recovered Meat (2009) – mp3 download

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Mechanically Recovered Meat contains remixes of our songs from “Somatic Turn”. The style of this CD is dark electro and aggrotech.

Full Album Download:

Mechanically Recovered Meat - mp3 download

Single Song Download

01 Beyond Control (2009 Comatose Mix)
6.02 MB Download this mp3
02 Disciples of Hedone (Club Mix)
6.85MB Download this mp3
03 You and Me (Recovery Mix)
6.91MB Download this mp3
04 Fools’ Paradise (Too Disco Mix)
4.88MB Download this mp3
05 Fools’ Paradise (Harsh Mix)
5.82MB Download this mp3


  1. Beyond Control (2009 Comatose Mix) (4:23)
  2. Disciples of Hedone (Club Mix) (4:59)
  3. You and Me (Recovery Mix) (5:02)
  4. Fools’ Paradise (Too Disco Mix) (3:33)
  5. 05 Fools’ Paradise (Harsh Mix) (4:14)

About This Release

After six long years of silence “Mechanically Recovered Meat” was the first release to mark our come back. Remixes were the easiest way for us to hit the ground running with our re-born musical venture.

Over time our musical taste had gradually leaned towards more aggressive genres, like dark electro or aggrotech – to amalgamate into the style we presented on “Mechanically Recovered Meat”. Melodic and dancy synths with hard beat and distorted vocals were the new way to go. The music has been written from scratch, the vocals were processed much more compared to the original songs.

The title of the EP was taken from food processing industry. Mechanically Recovered Meat is a meat substitute product, derived from otherwise not edible scraps and waste. It is widely used in fast foods. We thought it is an excellent title for something as heavily recycled as our new EP.

The music has been praised as much as criticized for taking a lot of elements from commercial techno genres. There was no compromise though – we did exactly the way we wanted. Sometimes aggrotech / dark electro music is a guilty pleasure, the line dividing commercial disco/techno and real underground music is very thin.

We wish you an enjoyable listening,