Making Dark Electronic – how to start

Last update:23 September, 2012 | Author: Andy | Category: Blog

Start writing your music – now

Start writing music straight away, do not wait until you learn everything. This way you will identify your needs and direct your learning to the areas you need the most. And again, use youtube videos – reading is ok, but video will push you forward much quicker. Watch as much as you can, without wasting time on reading. Below you can watch how to create a basic tune in FL studio.

Kick Drums

One of the most important elements. In industrial music drums have to be strong and heavy. This is achieved by mixing a couple of different bassdrum samples toghether. The bassdrum has three phases of sound – first, the loud click (attack) then full sounding (sustain) and then the sound gradually drops (release). This pattern applies to all the instruments, in drums it is just very fast.

To make good industrial kickdrum, use various parts of different drums placed one on top of the other, this way you can make a kickdrum that has every part of it ideal, you can use equalization on each part separately. Trying to eq some widely available samples to sound right is a loss of time, unless they were prepared by somebody who understands dark electro style.

Try using distortion effect on kickdrum, you will get what you want straight away.

To start quickly, you can use Bodycall’s kick drum pack – it is 10 free kick drum samples we made with dark electro / industrial in mind

Click here

to download our kickdrum sample pack (1MB)